Reverse Osmosis Atmospheric Delivery System

ECI ROAD Systems


  • Designed for easy transportation, installation and service – storage tank designed to fit through most doorways.
  • Sealed tank with Fact® filter – ensures no air contaminant pollutes the water in the tank.
  • Float for RO control, installed.
  • Float for low level pump protection, installed – protects pump from running without water.
  • Compact Grundfos MQ series pump – easy to operate, low-noise and includes a dry-running protection.
  • UV light, installed – lamp shipped separately.
  • Outlet pressure gauge, sample valve and check valve, installed – for easier installation and service.
  • Quick plug in electrical connections for:
  • Float switches.
  • Pump.
  • Optional automatic bypass if tank reaches low level.
  • Electrical requirements - 120V, 15 AMP.