Softener Controls

VIP-1E & VIP-2E demand initiated controllers have been updated with the following standard features. They directly replace older style VIP controllers.

  • Electronic time clock capability
  • Delay regeneration on alternating systems
  • UL listing

VIP-3E controllers allow for progressive flow capabilities as the flow rate increases or decreases the controller will move units into and out of service. This eliminates the possibility of channeling through the resin during low flow conditions and lessens the pressure drop through the system during high flow conditions. Ideal for applications with varying flow rate demands such as hotels, condominiums or apartment buildings.

Description Part Number
VIP-1E Programmable Control – Simplex or Duplex 920182
VIP-2E Programmable Control – 2, 3, or 4 Tanks 920183
VIP-3E Variable-Demand Programmable Control 920184
VIP Mounting Kit 502099