Softener Components and Accessories

Softener Controls

VIP-1E & VIP-2E demand initiated controllers have been updated with the following standard features. They directly replace older style VIP controllers.

  • Electronic time clock capability
  • Delay regeneration on alternating systems
  • UL listing

VIP-3E controllers allow for progressive flow capabilities as the flow rate increases or decreases the controller will move units into and out of service. This eliminates the possibility of channeling through the resin during low flow conditions and lessens the pressure drop through the system during high flow conditions. Ideal for applications with varying flow rate demands such as hotels, condominiums or apartment buildings.

Water Meters and Flow Sensors – Turbo Flow Meters

All VIP water softener and filter systems come with flow sensors. The standard 1", 1.5" and 2" flow meter in a plastic housing can be replaced with a brass housing.  The standard 3" & 4” flow sensor in a copper tee assembly can be replaced with a PVC saddle fitting or an iron saddle fitting.

Complete Brine Tank Assemblies

Polyethylene brine systems (includes brinewell and 1 air-check assembly). 400/700lb brine tanks come standard with brinewell, air/check and safety float valve style shutoff. Optionally, safety float valve style shutoff on 1000lbs and above systems, are offered at an additional cost only.